About Us

About Us


To hold someone in beauty, we absorb the beauty through our eyes first. 

To do some actions worthy, we gauge the worth with our eyes first.

To taste something savoury, we feast on it with our eyes first.

Guan Ho Leong has been the first in serving with heart to make sure your Eyes can feel the heart since 1932. Every single customer walks into our stores a stranger and walks out a true friend whether they make a purchase or not. Our friendship lies in our professionalism, that with each second spent on service, we aim to deliver the best resulting consult to give your eyes the truest solution it needs, and the result? The best your Eyes can get, from Eye care professionals who care!


Welcome to guanholeong.com!


Now with Guan Ho Leong Online, we aim to bring and improve on the standard we have set to give you only the best selection of Eyecare products with the best value in the market, and do it Online. You have Eyes that give you so much in life, and we give you the best in unique variety, and devoted time spent to provide the best-in-class optical products and solutions at the best value possible.

You deserve the best, so reach out to us, and let us prove our best is always there for you and your lovely Eyes.

For inquiries and more please contact us on +6016 863 8007 (WhatsApp) or email us at ask@guanholeong.com (email).

Solutions for your visual requirements, now Online.


Sincerely with Gratitude,

Your Eyes on behalf of Guan Ho Leong Online